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Age Watch

Age Watch

How can you prove you have done everything you could possibly do to combat selling age restricted products to underage customers? 

Maintain control with AGEWATCH 

So how does it work?

A controller is put into your BackOffice with a permanent connection to a central database. The controller is connected to either your EPOS units or signal boxes connected to your cash registers.

High resolution cameras are installed over each Point of Sale, and these images are processed by the controller to establish if there is a good enough image for the recognition. 

If a match is found of the central database, then the appropriate signals are sent to the EPOS system or signal device. 

If the operator has good hard evidence that the signal is wrong, for example is a customer previously marked as underage has not reached the legal age, the operator can update the status of the individual. 

If the system is unable to identify an individual, then the operator can add them to the datatbase tagged as being underage or of age.

What if I don't have an EPOS System?

We have developed a series of compact 'Signal Boxes' which enable sotres to have a serparate warning device. These systems work in a similar way to the EPOS Warning system, but have no visual image of the customer. The units signal red for underage and green for of age. Changes can be made from these signal boxes.


The Age Watch concept has been carefully thought out and designed by a partnership of experts in the fields of Facial Recognition, Point of Sale, CCTV, Micro-electronic, Streaming Media parsing, DLL Engineering and superior database handling. 

The Age Watch system is available as a hosted subscription serving, and is perhaps the only accurate system capable of assisting in the maintaining of your alcohol licence. If you want one thing less to worry about in the day to day running of your store, let us helpy ou with Age Watch.  


This Product is currently under development. Please give us a call if you want to discuss your requirement and interest.