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Direct Table Ordering

Direct Table Ordering

ICR Touch is a brilliant solution to many restaurant environments, but would you like to enhance your system even more?

Really make your business stand out, make your staffs' jobs easier, and impress your customers with encomPOS Direct Table Ordering systems.

encomPOS' at table ordering system is a compliment to your current system to really make you stand out above the rest. These sleek, attractive, and incredibly easy to use consoles allow customers to order their own food using the touch screen in their table. Able to order whenever they like, and be as relaxed or quick as suits them, your customers gain more control over the atmosphere of their meal.
Direct table ordering systems also mean that less waiters are needed, as all they have to do is wait for an order, and then serve or cook it.
The system can provide a range of different options, from just a basic menu, to offering the customers pictures of the finished product, giving them choices on cooking instructions (for steak, for example), and providing an approximate preparation time for each item.

Please Note: This product is currently in development. Be sure to check back for information on when it will hit the (virtual) shelves.