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encomPOS Handheld

Your most important ingedient

Running a successful store involves accurate tracking of your pricing, your profit, your wastage,
mix and promotional lines.

With the encomPOS HandHeld you can ensure your store always has:-


Up to date Pricing
The HandHeld monitors all price changes of lines in your PLOF. It also warns you of all price changes that affect you - just the lines you sell.



Complete Wireless Technology
Submit orders, print labels, track waste, update the PLOF, conduct price changes all wirelessly without the need for a seperate PC.



Reliable price integrity
 Guage your pricing reliably taking GP%, mix and match information directly from the PLOF yet integrating your own promotions& historic data.



Multiple Store & Supplier Configuration
Use this HandHeld in more than one store, order from different suppliers keeping your individual store data and product history intact. 


Fast effective management of your shelf edge labelling

 The encomPOS HandHeld is a multi- store solution capable of providing fast switching between stores, all done reliably from one device. You can select your store, name your batch, name your area and then simply scan away.

Suspect items can be 'flagged' for later review. pricing can be updated, shelf quantities stored for reporting or tracking buying trends. Each item scanned indicates the GP%, promotional cost if applicable and any other important costing information.

Once an area has been completed, simply print off your shelf edge labels, and/or a list of items scanned together with information such as shelf quantities, GP%, costing information etc.

It really is that simple, no uploading information into a PC, no launching seperate applications, all you have to do is:


Synchronise the Data between suppliers and EPOS System
Where Stores order from B2B system such as NISA Todays, you can collect the PLOF directly  without the aid of any other ancillary equipment. EncomPOS HandHeld will process changes automatically, provide you a report of items where the pricing has been effected (it not only tracks your sell price, but also fluctuations in the sellers RRP's) and for suppliers without B2B systems such as an OCS system there are facilities such as file import and automated collection from FTP services
Ordering with encomPOS HandHeld:
Ordering is made easy with encomPOS HandHeld's direct connection, and with its complete and direct printer communication system, not only can you order electronically, but you can print or fax and even email your orders, stock reports, shelf edge labels, wast, dispatch information offering a whole host of other possible applications.
encomPOS HandHeld not only orders more efficiently through scalable communication system, but it ensures best pack size through direct interaction with suppliers stock and ordering interfaces.
It can track rejected lines and items where the case size differs, lines where the supplier has insufficient stock or elects to substitute lines. 

Easy accurate ordering with full access to supplier costing information, part numbers, margin mix information, promotional guides and many other essential yet easy to access tools.

Full barcode/supplier code and even description search, accurate tracking of orders still pending delivery. Tools for managing wastage and preventing accidental ordering, order replenishment, labelling, and quantity to shelf tracking.

encomPOS HandHeld has it all!  

This reliable yet flexible piece of technology is fundamental to your business. 
You can gain complete control of your biggest asset with one simple portable yet versatile device.
With the encomPOS HandHeld, you will significantly enhance the quality of the information available to you thus ensuring you can grow your business efficiently.


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