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Here you can find the products we recommend for your specific sector. 

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need to know if a product will be suitable. 

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  1. ICRCompak


    ICR Compak All-in-one EPOS System The Compak all in one EPOS solution incorporates a 80mm thermal printer, built in customer display, magcard reader, and a solid state Hard Drive. The Compak has a fanless design for greater reliability, and Windows POS Ready. All in a 12” x 12” footprint. Learn More
  2. Shuttle



    The encomPOS Shuttle is our own, in-house machine, designed and tested to our own exacting standards. We bring a small footprint, Hi-Power machine, hand built by our own technicians, and make it affordable and adaptable to ANY type of business. The system fits neatly under your counter, leaving you just a screen, which saves space and keeps the tidy appearance of your store / restaurant. The encomPOS Shuttle has: intel ATOM Processor 2GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM 250GB Hard Drive Built in CD/DVD 17 or 19 inch touchscreen Learn More
  3. AnyShop/ Posbank

    AnyShop/ Posbank


    AnyShop is a wall mountable Panel POS system with advanced features and powerful functions including internal stereo. Designed with simple maintenance in mind, AnyShop's hard disk can be easily inserted or removed with one little touch by hand. Also, considerate I/O connection design allows device cables to be hidden inside the system base. Intel Celeron Mobile 1.5Ghz CPI on Intel 945GME Motherboard 1GB RAM - 2GB / 160GB Hard Drive 15'' TFT 5 Wired Resistive Touch Screen 1 Parallel Port, 4x USB, 3 Serial Ports 1GB Ethernet Learn More
  4. ICR TouchPoint Software

    ICR TouchPoint Software

    ICR Touch is powerful, user-friendly, point-of-sale software primarily aimed at cafes, takeaway, bars and restaurants, but with approved application for retail with hand held stock taking and NWM approved scale link. Combining the latest PC colour touch screens with the tried and tested format of the cash register we have been using for over 100 years, ICR have utilized a wealth of experience, and produced a software package which retains all the best features of the old along with benefits of the new. ICR have been in the business of Cash Registers and Systems for nearly 25 years and Tills 4 Change are proud to be authorised as a reseller of the ICR TOUCH system. ICR Touch has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Helpful prompts guide operators through each sale, with messages displayed throughout to keep the operator informed as to what is going on. Reports are similar to conventional cash registers and with it's built in back office, X and Z reading functions, an end of day report can easily be taken at the touch of a button. Programming and file maintenance also follows a similar structure to a cash register with it's built in program modes. Designed primarily with bars and restaurants in mind, features like the graphical table plan option showing the status of the tables - e.g. green is free and blue has had a bill issued. The number of covers also is shown on the table. Split checks and bills are taken care of by simply highlighting the items to be separated and touching the arrow keys. An advanced price level scheduler allows very powerful promotions and happy hour features. In a modern system, security is always a big issue, so with features like server sign on using iButtons, magnetic cards or pin numbers, the ability to track individual servers activities, and even the ability to view the electronic journal for a specific servers transactions, pilfering can be cut to a minimum. Industry standard PC architecture allows easy inexpensive add-ons, such as kitchen printers, bill printers, customer displays, integrated network, card readers, bar code scanners etc. Learn More
  5. ICR Touch Programming

    ICR Touch Programming


    Own a bar, club, restaurant or cafe? Have ICR Touch, but not the time to programme all of your menu options or product in? Then come to the experts, and we will quickly, throroughly and neatly programme your ICR Touch for you. We can also programme more complicated ICR options such as commission, price changes at certain times, and loyalty schemes. Give us a call if you would like to know more. Learn More
  6. Postcoder for ICR

    Postcoder for ICR

    If you are using ICR and taking delivery orders, sometimes getting directions to your destination can be fiddly. But with this handy and affordable piece of software, simply enter your destination address and ICR will produce and print directions for you! Learn More
  7. ICR Touch Office

    ICR Touch Office


    Enhance your business with EPoS point of sale software

    ICRTouch's TouchOffice is pc software for the back office and it is the perfect EPoS partner for all the products in the ICRTouch range.  Think of it as a virtual version of what's on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars. It's the same as your business, but you don't have to clean it. 

    TouchOffice boasts unrivalled integration with your touch screen tills and other essential EPoS hardware. It's reliable, stable and it's been developed and upgraded over 10 years. Plus, TouchOffice is compatible with other software packages, including Sage, Booker and Pay24-7.
    ICRTouch has over 30 years of experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems and we've sold nearly 40,000 EPoS software licences.

    TouchOffice easily handles the complex tasks of monitoring sales and stock lines, collating information from tills and managing staff and promotions. It displays the information in a familiar pc-based format. 

    • Monitor a product from order right through to sale or return.
    • Compare suppliers' prices.

    Link products together. Know, without checking the shelves, that when you run out of vodka it's time to reorder the tonic. Running short on shampoo? Count on TouchOffice to remind you about the conditioner.

    With TouchOffice you'll be able to:

    • Monitor trends
    • Make changes and improvements.
    • Compare and chart sales and orders from single lines to entire brands.
    • Work out if a product line is seasonal, a best seller, or best consigned to history.
    • Create sales reports that run from the first moment you add a line to TouchOffice's virtual shelves, through to how they're performing right now.

    We all need to work from home from time-to-time. Then there are the unavoidable meetings that take you away from your business. When you're not there TouchOffice ensures you can continue to manage your sales with the option of remote working.

    • Link up to your touch screen tills via the internet and a broadband connection.
    • Remotely view live activity on up to 6 tills at once.
    • See current balances.
    • Remotely send a message to a till screen.

    TouchOffice boasts a host of features to make life easier when it comes to re-pricing.

    • Simply click to change the price of an item and update your tills.
    • Easily manage promotions including happy hour, mix'n'match and multi-buy.
    • Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcoded stock labels.
    • Time-delay price increases. Set them up on TouchOffice and it won't update your TouchPoint till software until you need it to.

    It offers the same level of integration for new stock lines, menu changes etc. If you want to update all of your prices or react to budget day, make use of the global price increase feature. It implements a percentage increase on all your products. 

    TouchOffice  "talks" to the tills so you don't have to programme each one separately. This is particularly useful when you're running a multi-site, multi-till business.

    TouchOffice has settings that restrict access to confidential information.

    TouchOffice has a built-in backup function to make sure that no data is lost in the event of a failure.

    TouchOffice + TouchStock (our hand-held stock control device) = Even easier ordering, deliveries and pricing.

    • Monitor a line of products or your entire stock.
    • Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcodes for in house non-barcoded products.

    TouchOffice + TouchPoint (our flagship EPoS software that is effortless to use, reliable and proven) = A complete till management system that's easy to use and simple to run. No other back office system Epos offers the same level of integration.

    Learn More
  8. Geovision High Spec CCTV System

    Geovision High Spec CCTV System

    Please call our office to further discuss your system requirements. Learn More

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